For years, people had told me that the Lake District in Cumbria, England, was absolutely beautiful and that we should take our dogs on a walking holiday there. I had always smiled and nodded but quickly dismissed this as a desirable destination for two reasons:

After a jam-packed first day in the Lake District exploring Ambleside and Kirkby Lonsdale, we slept incredibly well and were up and out early for a second day of exploring the area with the dogs. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, the impetus for our road trip to the Fife coast in Scotland, via the Lake District, was that our friends, Ant and Charlotte, bought a bed and breakfast in the seaside town of Leven. I know what you're thinking - they must be really great friends to convince me to travel any closer to the Arctic Circle.

Most normal expats decide to create a blog at the beginning of an international relocation, to give a play-by-play of an exciting new life to family and friends back home. Maybe they want to document the honest feelings and reactions of each new experience to which others might compare their own reactions to similar situations.

People back home ask you all kinds of crazy things when they find out that you live outside of the US. "You live in England? I just love London; I really want to visit one day."

Living in the Midlands of England is exactly how it sounds – right in the middle of the iceberg, farther from the ocean than anywhere I’ve lived in the USA. Joke’s on me.

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